A Little Bit About Me

… And The Books

Before I started writing stories, on my own and with K R Brorman and S A Young, I was a lawyer. Once a lawyer, always a lawyer, I guess, but I strive to avoid it as much as humanly possible these days. So don’t ask me for legal advice, if you know what’s good for you.

During those long years trudging through the labyrinthine corridors of corporate law practice, international business, and a sorry foray into litigation for a few years, I spent a big chunk of my adulthood on airplanes or living in hotels, eating at five-star restaurants one night, out of a vending machine or the minibar the next. To give my mind (and mood) a respite, I relied on my standby diversion — reading. Fiction. Genre-agnostic, for the most part, but romance will always be my go-to. Life is hard; we all need a Happily Ever After to distract us from reality.

If you’re here, then you know the fiction I write is romance (it says so right there at the top of the page). Contemporary romantic suspense, to be precise.

K R Brorman (a fellow Texan) and I, with S A Young (a Bostonian), have collaborated to write and publish two books, so far: the award-winning Eden’s Fall and the newly-released Winter’s Thaw. Our process has evolved over the past few years giving us some confidence that the third book in the Stilettos, Stoli & Scribbles series — Venus Rising — will be released in late 2020. We hope you’ll indulge yourself with the thrilling experiences of the three, strong women featured in this series (and the strong men who fall for them).

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