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The global arms trade is valued at $60 billion a year – this is only what we know about. 
Candace Fisher is …

  • A rising star at Rosen Weitz
  • Trying to put feelings awakened in Istanbul behind her, breaks one of her cardinal rules and begins an ill-fated office romance, while
  • Unmasking an illegal arms dealer supplying weapons to the world’s worst actors.

Candace discovers that her mentor and client, Wallace Henneby, is unwittingly entering into a criminal enterprise. Before she can act, Wallace suffers a debilitating stroke, and his wife demands Candace be removed as his lawyer.  When she is accused of facilitating the illegal arms trade she’s uncovered, Candace’s closest friends, Kenna and Frankie, mobilize to help save her career. To prevent disaster she must turn to the man with whom she shared a searing moment of passion she can’t forget.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
Mike Chapman, a former USAF Spec Ops officer, has built a thriving business in cyber security –  and a little more. Called on to assist Candace in her research, he helps expose a murderous criminal master mind. Mike’s cyber skills become a liability when Candace and her friends are put in the crosshairs. To save Candace, he must break through his virtual and emotional fire walls.
When Candace faces professional ruin and narrowly escapes an attempt on her life, Frankie and Kenna stand with her as the trifecta once again looks into the face of evil. 

The most depraved purveyor of the modern slave trade reaches around the globe into the most unlikely little life.

Kenna Campbell had a perfectly good life plan.

  • Dump the abusive ex
  • Open her own art gallery
  • Live independently

Love wasn’t on her list. Everything was going to plan until the night her best friends, Candace Fisher and Frankie Winslow, helped her crash a society ball to sell a painting, and she met Ret. Lieutenant Colonel Lucius Chaerea. He was a detail she hadn’t foreseen and she knew he would break her heart. Despite her fears, Kenna gradually lowers her defenses.

Lucius had resigned himself to a life in the shadows. Using a vast network cultivated while serving with SAS Intelligence, God-given instincts and a select team of former soldiers, he fights the rising tide of terror and those who would profit from chaos and evil. The chance meeting with Kenna throws a bright, warm light into his heart and life. He would exchange that life to keep her safe.

When tragedy strikes, the bonds of friendship send Kenna, Candace and Frankie around the world and into the web of human trafficking. Will that bond be enough to ensure their survival?

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